Your Notary Public in Athens

When creating this website, the basic aim was to provide you, in a comprehensible, informative and appealing manner, with practical information about me, my notary office, my territorial competence, my archives, the network of my partners etc, as well as information of general interest about the Notarial Institution.  

On a more substantial level, my ambition is that  - as you run through the pages of the site and find responses to preexistent queries of yours or receive useful information- you will acquire a representative picture of the range and quality of the services provided, my working method, my way of writing and thinking and ideally of the security that I provide as a Notary Public. 

The foreign language versions of the site, in English, German and Italian are addressed to the English-, German- and Italian-speaking residents of Athens and Greece in general, who need the services of a Notary, as well as residents abroad who do not speak the Greek language, who are interested either in coming/ investing in Greece, or in a long-distance assistance by a Greek Notary in order to deal with their current or future notarial case in Greece.


N O T E: The information provided in this website, does not under any circumstance replace the individual advice provided by the Notary Public of your absolute trust, who will have taken a complete history of your case.