Evangelia (Evi) Rammou, Notary Public in Athens, daughter of Ioannis and Eleftheria Rammou and sister of Nicholas Rammos, distinguished journalist today, was born in Athens - Greece on 04-07-1976 and grew up in Paleo Faliro, Attica. She has a son, Giorgos Chrysikos.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the School of Law, Economics and Political Science at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a grade “VERY GOOD” and continued on with postgraduate studies in Philosophy of Law. During her undergraduate studies she attended classes in Judicial Graphology at the Department of Penal Sciences of the Faculty of Law at the University of Athens.

Already as a trainee and then -after completing her training- as a practicing lawyer, she dealt with a broad range of cases, mainly those concerning civil law (contract -  property - inheritance - family and compensation law) corporate/company law, industrial property law as well as criminal law. In a satisfactory number of cases, she was called on to handle cases concerning aliens/foreigners, thus acquiring experience in Private International Law.

Since 2005, then still being a lawyer and having decided to (get prepared in order to) exercise the profession of a Notary, she worked in notary offices on a full-time basis [the most significant collaboration of all was with Mrs Eleni Tsouma, a Piraeus-based Notary, with extensive experience and a wide range of cases]. On the one hand she went into depth with all the fields of law (civil, commercial, tax, town planning, etc) that were closely related to notarial competences, preparing contracts on her own, whilst on the other hand – of equivalent significance, given that there are no “schools for notaries” in Greece, nor is there notarial internship in a notary office similar to that of lawyer’s internship, – she became familiar with the official, bureaucratic side of the profession, an unpleasant side for most, but without it, regardless of how impervious the case may be from a legal aspect, the notary’s work is incomplete.

In June 2008, she participated in the Panhellenic Competition for Candidate Notaries for the first time, from which she emerged fourth (4th) in order of merit in Athens out of a total of thirteen successful candidates (Final Table of Successful Candidates in: Government Gazette 1170/30-12-2008- Issue C).  

Since February 2009 she operates her own notary office, which is located at 33 Nikis Street, in the centre of Athens.

Further information on her philosophy-working method, her territorial competence, her notarial archives, the notary office, the services provided etc can be found under the respective tabs in the site.  


Communication, correspondence and working languages: Greek, English and Italian.

The Notary also speaks German, French and Spanish; however, given that legal terminology requires a high linguistic level, she prefers to trust the services of professional interpreters and translators for these languages.