The Notary's Office is housed in a comfortable, sunny, renovated office, of about 92m2, on the second (2nd) floor of a building located on the intersection of 33 Nikis Street with Navarhou Nikodimou and Lamahou Streets, in the center of Athens, on the border of Syntagma (Constitution) area with the historic district of Plaka.  

The location combines the positive aspects of direct accessibility [to all the means of public transportation: Metro, Buses, Tram, (ISAP) Electric Railway, as well as with private   vehicles or motor bikes, given that there are plenty of outdoor and indoor parking garages in the area] as well as  of the proximity of Public Services, Banks, Stores, Museums, Hotels etc, with the picturesque surrounds and the low key atmosphere of the old city of Plaka.  [Further information on Plaka, you can read in English:  here, whilst an interesting documentary about Plaka from the ERT digital archive you can watch in Greek here]. 

The office has its frontage both on Niki and Lamahou Streets, thus it overlooks beautiful neoclassical preserved buildings [the most striking example being the Mansion "Keti Chatzianesti"- later renamed "Levidi", located at 48 Nikis Street, designed by the architect Georgios Theodoridis, which portrays the eclecticism of the early 20th century], as well as the beginning of the  most popular sidewalk  of Plaka, namely Kydathineon Street.

The Notary's office comprises elegant, classically decorated rooms for the signing of contracts, the private appointments, a separate room, where the Archive is safely kept and another room where the client -as is often necessary in cases of multi-person contracts- may consult/discuss in peace with his lawyer/partner.  









On implementation of Law 3730/2008 (Government Gazette Α' 262/23.12.2008) "Protection of minors from tobacco and alcohol and other provisions", as amended and applicable, in the Notary's Office smoking is not permitted. 



33 NIKIS STR (2nd floor)


Τel.: +30 210 3223454
Fax: +30 210 3223456
Mob.: +30 6973639770