The Territorial Competence of Notaries, namely the land boundaries in which they can exercise their duties is regulated by Article 4 of Law 2830/2000 "Notaries’ Code", which as amended and currently applicable, states exactly the following:

"Article 4 – Territorial Competence

          1.The notary exercises his duties in the districts of the Magistrate Court that he is appointed in, as Magistrate Court districts are defined each time. 2. As an exception to the provisions in previous paragraphσ, notaries appointed in municipalities that are included in the judicial districts of Magistrate Courts of: a) Athens, b) Piraeus, c) Nikea, d) Kallithea, e) Nea Ionia, f) Peristeri, g) Halandri, h) Maroussi, i) Salamina, j) Acharnes, k) Kropia, l) Elefsina, m) Megara, n) Marathon, o) Lavrion (Kea Island excluded), p) Nea Liosia and q) Aghia Paraskevi, may exercise their duties in the other districts of the above Magistrate Courts, as long as they are invited to sign the notarial deeds in the residences, store, or office of the contracting party or their representatives or in a hospital if hospitalized, or a detention centre if held in custody, or in a bank branch or other financial institution or organisation and when collaborating with another notary or an auction is assigned to them. 3. The notary has the right and obligation to hold only one office in the district in which he is appointed. A breach of this obligation constitutes a disciplinary violation”.


Consequently, pursuant to the above article of the Notaries’ Code and in view of the fact that I am an appointed Notary in the district of the Athens Magistrate Court (Government Gazette of the Appointment:Government Gazette 58/23-1-2009 Issue C):


I have the territorial competence to sign notarial deeds:

1. In the entire district of the Athens Magistrate Court 

2. In the districts of the Magistrate Courts:

a) Piraeus, b) Nikea, c) Kallithea, d) Nea Ionia, e) Peristeri, f) Halandri, g) Maroussi, h) Salamina, i) Acharnes, j) Kropia, k) Elefsina, l) Megara, m) Marathon, n) Lavrion (Kea Island excluded), o) Nea Liosia and p) Aghia Paraskevi

however, in these districts only on condition that:

I am invited to sign notarial deeds:

---in the residence, store, or the office of one of the contracting parties or their representatives

---or in a hospital if (one of the contracting parties is) hospitalized, or a detention centre if (one of the contracting parties is) held in custody,

---or in a bank branch or other financial institution or organisation,

---or when  collaborating with another notary

---or an auction is assigned to me.



N O T E: The above conditions and restrictions exclusively concern the place of the signing of the Notarial Deeds. There is often the misconception that Notaries are able to prepare and sign contracts for property that is located only in the district of their territorial competence, which of course is not true. Regardless of the district the Notary is appointed in, he is able to prepare and sign Contracts concerning property that is located anywhere in the Greek Territory. Territorial Competence, as previously stated, concerns only the place of the signing and not the object of the contract.